Winnipeg Comiccon

Oct 28 - Oct 30

  • Admission: $35 & up (tickets on sale May 2022)

Winnipeg Comiccon was launched in the fall of 2019, whilst its first edition only took place in 2021 due the Covid-19 pandemic. While this was be our first venture in Central Canada, over the last 15 years, our organization has hosted over 40 pop culture conventions in Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. This annual event dedicated to pop culture takes the form of a fan convention with multi-genre content: comic books, sci-fi, horror, anime, video games and the entertainment world. The show features a large array of exhibits with several companies demonstrating their wares and a few vehicles or set pieces from film or television are on display, a shopping experience like no other, aimed at fans that are looking for games, T-Shirts, comics, toys, statues, replicas and more collector items.

Fans have the opportunity come to meet their favorite creators from the world of comics and BD, get their autographs, buy a sketch or thank them for their work. Additionally, one of the biggest draws, fans get to meet the personalities behind their favorite TV shows and movies. Celebrities participate in autograph sessions, photo opportunities and stage appearances that accommodate well over a 1000 fans.

Fans are encouraged (but not obliged) to come dressed as their favorite pop culture characters, be they from movies, TV, video games or comics. It culminates at the Masquerade, the big costuming competition that will take place on the Saturday night.

Over the course of the three days, fans are treated to over 50 different panel discussions and workshops that help further promote comics, costuming, gaming and pop culture in general.