WinterruptionWPG 2023 - Kid Filthy, Len Bowen, BBS Steve, Sonny Darko

Jan 28

  • Admission: $15 + Service Fees
  • Time: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM

If alien means belonging elsewhere, perhaps Kid Filthy is someone who belongs everywhere. The shy rockstar finds himself at home in the eclectic and the contradictory, effortlessly pairing petaled shirts and glasses, suturing vulnerable lyrics to heavy, sinister instrumentals.

Born in Congo, DRC in 1997 Mica Ntabaza was painted from a mosaic of influences from a young age - from Kanye West to Speaker Knockerz to Joey Bada$$ and Kurt Cobain. Kid Filthy is here to stay and the impact he is about to leave will be just shy of a meteoric crater.


Len Bowen is a Canadian Rap/hip hop artist based In Winnipeg, Canada – a city with a robust but often overlooked hip hop music scene. Noted as a respected artist in his community, he has garnered praise by artists such as Black Moon, and Battle Rap legend DNA. A skilled lyricist, Len has delivered a catalogue of music ranging from honest and thought-provoking meditations to fierce battle-ready lyrics. Often called upon by peers to write uplifting verses to his song, he has collaborated with artists such as Grand Analog, Shad K and JRDN.

A founding member of the Western Canadian Music Award nominated hip hop collective Shadez, Len has pursued the path of a solo artist with growing success at every step including a feature on the Jadakiss curated mixtape Who Really Got Barz, a collaboration with Wisconsin based poet Charles Payne for Connecting Perspectives: A Cross-border Art Initiative, and the successful release of 4 EPs including 2021’s Flow Nostalgic 2 (Good Years).

Confident and hungry, Len is ready for worldwide recognition and to be listed among hip hop’s elite with the release of the Years in the Making EP, July 2022, and his coming full-length project in Spring 2023.


Steve BBS Teixeira, is one third of the rap trio, 3PEAT. The Winnipeg-born rapper, producer and DJ has made a name for himself by crafting the signature 3PEAT sound and contributing to the Winnipeg Hip Hop scene.

Steve’s penchant for collaboration has seen him contribute to various projects with folks like 2oolman of A Tribe Called Red, Charlie Fettah, Dill the Giant, Daniel Son and Royal Canoe to name a few.

The sole producer on 3PEAT’s self-titled debut EP, the project earned the group a nomination for Best Hip Hop Artist at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Along with 3PEAT, Steve has played over 60 shows across North America and Europe. A voracious music consumer, Steve can always be seen singing along to his favorite songs while keeping the floor dancing as a DJ.