Sep 24 - Nov 20

  • Admission: $15-$18

Each of us holds embodied knowledge that we access through life experience.

It may show up as emotional or bodily responses, or as connections to the world around us that are hard to describe. It is rooted in feelings and processes that happen in relation to others and in relation to the world.

Transmissions is an exhibition exploring the production and passing on of knowledge through embodied processes. Embodied knowledge is learned and shared through actions and practices, and recognizes the material experiences related to the body. This is in contrast to systems of knowledge prioritized within Western colonial institutions, which often separate the intellect from the emotional and the physical. Acknowledging the value of embodied knowledge recognizes the body and the personal as sites of knowledge. It allows us to value difference and asks us to consider how relation shapes our views of the world.

The artwork in Transmissions demonstrates various processes related to this theme, including the recognition of knowledge one has within oneself, knowledge by encounter and relation, and the transference of embodied knowledge intergenerationally and within community.