The Vivid Truth, Pink Panda

May 26 - Jun 07

Exhibition Statement: Pink Panda explores the truths of their traumas, growth, and identity in this raw and incredibly personal show. Join the artist as they journey through the shadows of suffering and grief to the warmth and light of self-discovery.

Pink Panda (they/them/she/her) is a street artist and painter from Winnipeg, Canada living and working on Treaty 1 Territory. They aspire to create visual works that encourage one to explore the emotions and experiences of thought and feeling that arise in the present moment. Through the use of vibrant colourscapes and intricate line work, Pink Panda hopes to connect us all through their art. They enjoy working with chalk, acrylics, spray paint and UV reactive paints on a variety of surfaces. Exploring these mediums allows the artist to create a variety of aesthetics for the viewer’s senses to absorb.

Urban art, music and cartoons have always been a strong influence and inspiration for Pink Panda. When not painting murals or selling their art at various events, they spend the spring and summer months longboarding and leaving chalk drawings to be found around the city or performing live painting “pop-up” installations. The leaving of temporary art is something significant to Pink Panda as it helps keep their mantra “Be in the moment” in focus and practice letting go.

Pink Panda has worked and collaborated with clients including: Full Blüm, 431 Urban Streetwear, Expert Electric, Inspire Community Outreach, Macanta Design Build Inc.,Transcona Biz, Open Outline, Studio Central/Artbeat Studio, Scam Skate, BGC Winnipeg and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.​​​​​​​