Connections to Riel in St. Vital

Sep 18

  • Admission: $10.00
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

On this bike tour, participants will discover how St. Vital played an important role in Riel’s life and how the community has embraced him as their favourite son and the Riel family as their favourite family. You will visit:

where Riel lived with his family for much of his youth,
where the Riel family river property was located
where his father and uncle operated at carding and grist mill on the Seine River
where Riel lived while he was leading the Red River Resistance
where the Riel’s body was returned to after he was hanged in Regina in 1885, and he lay in state for two days with hundreds of people coming by to pay their respects
public buildings, streets, parks, housing developments and monuments named for or dedicated to Louis Riel, his father and his mother
As well, participants will

see how St. Vital Centre is located right in the middle of what was once the Riel family river lot property
learn about Riel’s parent, Louis Sr. and Julie Lagimodiere and how they influenced his aspirations, beliefs and commitment to the Metis people, French language and Catholic religion their respects
learn about Riel’s French Canadian and indigenous ancestry
learn about Louis Riel’s three coffins
We will visit 12 or 13 sites on this tour.

Near Seine River

Louis Riel Senior Trail
Riel Family Home Site (2nd Bollard on Trail)
Richfield Street ( Riel Family River Lot)
Chateau Louis Riel
Riel Sr. Mill Site
Riel Sr. Mill Stones former site
Louis Riel Recreational Park
Riel Memorial Monument (2 white doves)
Riel Estates
Away from Seine River

Ecole Julie Riel School
Louis Riel Library
Riel Street
Riel House National Historic Site