Melita Banana Days

Aug 11 - Aug 13

Please join us for the Melita Banana Days Festival on August August 11 to 13th 2023. The festival includes entertainment for the whole family.

Melita and Area Tourism committee first envisioned a statue to promote tourism in Melita in 2001. Melita was dubbed the “Banana Belt” many years ago by Manitoba Agro-Meterologists because Melita has slightly warmer temperatures than the rest of the province – thus the idea of a very unique banana statue. The blue jay was added to acknowledge that Melita is recognized as an “Important Birding Area (IBA)” and is the Grassland Bird Capital of Manitoba.
Sunny the Banana and Breezy the Bluejay were inspiration behind the formation of the Melita Banana Days Committee and the festival, which is held the second weekend in August each year.