Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, Islendingadagurinn

Jul 29 - Aug 01

  • Admission: Free

The first Icelandic Festival in Manitoba was held in Winnipeg in 1890, and was held there annually until 1931 when it moved to Gimli in 1932, and has been held there since.

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba "Islendingadagurinn" as far as we have been able to determine, is the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America. Islendingadagurinn translates to day of the Icelanders.

Over the years, not many things have changed regarding the festivities. Even the parade and traditional program are at approximately the same time of day as they were over 100 years ago. The Icelandic Festival still exists today largely due to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, who we are very grateful for. We know that the rich history of this event has only begun.