Dawson Trail Art Tour

Sep 16 - Sep 17

  • Admission: Free

An annual, free, self-guided tour that showcases the work of professional artists in their home studios and/or group venues along the Dawson Road. While the traditional format of our tour will not take place this year, we will be showcasing a group exhibit and special programming (with social distancing measures) at the Dawson Trail Museum on September 16 and 17th, 2023.

Daily Special Programming Schedule and Tour Passports will be available at each art tour stop.

We will be showcasing a group exhibit themed "Flora and Fauna" at the Dawson Trail Museum as of May 28th, 2023.

Tour Passports will be available at each art tour stop.

Fill in your passport and turn it in for a chance to win one of three gift packages including local arts, crafts and merchandise!Year-round individual artist visits and workshops may still be coordinated at the artists' discretion. See the artist profiles for details.

Artists List:

Leiah Bauer

Leiah Bauer is the herbalist behind Apothecandy. Inspired by science, nature, and magic she creates beautiful, useful things for your body. Her artisan goat milk soap starts with milk from her herd of goats. Thoughtfully handcrafted in small batches using herbs and botanicals grown and harvested in Southeastern Manitoba. >>>

Dave Carty

The paintings and drawings by Dave are all done on illustration board, an acid free conservation quality material that will hold up to time. The paintings are created in a water based paint medium called gouache, an equally transparent or opaque paint perfect for illustrative purposes. Currently the subject of the art work is centred on the Canoe and its historic reference to the development of Canada as we know it. >>>

Robert Freynet

Robert Freynet is a Manitoba-born, award-winning visual artist and author. Trained in France, Freynet has made his mark on the Canadian art scene since 1975, with many exhibitions, paintings, public murals, illustrations and historical graphic novels. He is a founding member of several cultural community organizations. >>>

Mélanie Gamache

Mélanie, a Manitoba Métis artisan, started beading as a form of meditative therapy, leading her to dig deeper into her Métis culture and heritage to discover the responsibilities between beading, wildlife and nature. Each piece she creates is an expression of gratitude to her ancestors, “The Flower Beadwork People.” >>>

Karen Jonsson

Working from her country studio, Karen produces decorative functional pottery suitable for the home and garden such as flowerpots, birdbaths, large garden pots, serving platters, cups, bowls, candleholders and more. Her artistic pottery makes an ideal gift for any occasion. >>>

Forest Gold - by Linda McCallum

Linda McCallum

Residing near Ile des Chenes, Linda began her creative journey in 2000, and is driven to explore and create using many different mediums. She will have many framed and unframed paintings and original and printed cards for sale. She will also have metal earrings and gemstone bracelets that are a part of her “Special Touch Designs” line. >>>

Megan Morin

Wild Woods Pottery is created in the RM of Ste-Anne. Megan works out of her home and enjoys making functional art. Stoneware is a very durable product that begs to be used every day! >>>

Nico Narváez

Nico Narváez is a Nicaraguan-Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose work is inspired by the natural world. His unique pieces combine blacksmithing, woodworking, acrylic painting, needlefelting, printmaking and illustration to uncover the magical spirit of the land and the creatures inhabiting it. Come visit him on his 48-acre property to connect with nature, art, and yourself. >>>

Doreen Peloquin

Doreen has two passions: making paper and quilting. As Papier Doreen, she creates textured and interesting paper full of seeds, flowers and leaves for cards and stationery. Demonstrations will be held. As Sew What!, Doreen creates quilt-as-you-go runners in whimsical shapes and fashions brightly designed quilted aprons for children and adults. >>>

Gail Penner

Gail is a multi-disciplinary artist. She up-cycles vintage materials into jewellery and novelty items. She is skilled at using cutlery and occasionally uses other media. In addition, she does photography with an emphasis on rustic and rural scenes, especially during falling snow. >>>

Arlene Rattai

Arlene's first foray with the arts began in 1995 with porcelain, an oil based medium much like watercolours, so the move to watercolour a few years later was an easy transition and then to oils several years later. When she retired from her own company, the creative spirit needed another outlet so she designed jewelry. >>>

Bella Savoie Kraska

Upon retirement, Bella took watercolour and oil classes with several notable instructors in Winnipeg, Spain and Mexico. Ultimately, acrylic and oil are her primary medium of choice. Bella’s love for nature has her artwork on canvas ranging from dragonflies, bees, to llamas and birch trees available on her printed cards. >>>

Casia Schreyer

Casia lives near Ste. Genevieve with her family. She has published children’s picture books, science-fiction adventure stories for middle-grade readers, a fantasy romance series, YA contemporary dramas, an collection of short stories and poetry, and a resource book for writers. She is working on a YA contemporary drama, an epic fantasy series, and her memoirs. >>>

Pierrette Sherwood

Pierrette is the artist/owner of Papillon Creations, offering art, vintage and workshops to the public from her residence along the historic Dawson Road. She is a self-taught artist who was drawn to art from a young age. She is drawn to old agricultural implements and antiques, transforming rustic metal and found objects through sculpture, mosaic and assemblage. >>>