Dancing Skies

Jul 11 - Jul 23

  • Admission: FREE

Dancing Skies: The beauty of the sky and beyond, to the wonders of the universe we live in.

Jim enjoys the contemplative and meditative nature of creating in watercolour compared to the creating a world for a video game. Images come from a delightful space of connection between artist, materials and imagery and includes thoughtful choices of materials, composition and colour as well as the, often accidental, results of working with wet-on-wet and spattered colour. There is a storytelling component in these images but in this show it is less whimsy and more of a dream.

Sandy’s first learning to paint with oil paints came from watching Bob Ross. Sandy paints mostly on black canvas, playing with transparent colour, which works very well with painting and exploring the Northern Lights’ beautiful dancing lights for “Dancing Skies”. Painting the aurora and mountains are what Sandy calls her “heart-happy” pieces. She feels great joy from imagining their shapes and movement.

Recently Patti Fernie found her niche and became known for her mixed media, textured canvasses, and alcohol ink paintings. She spent a lot of time experimenting with alcohol ink as it was a steep learning curve to become adept at ‘reading’ the movement of the ink instead of fighting it. She loves the beautiful, intricate details and the fact nothing can be recreated. She developed a distinctive style, inspired by her love of nature and the outdoors as abstract landscapes.