Cinematography & Colour Grading Basics with Quan Luong

Sep 24

  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Winnipeg Film Group presents Cinematography & Colour Grading Basics with Quan Luong on Saturday, September 24th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm In-person, Black Lodge and WFG Media Lab, 304-100 Arthur Street

This workshop will cover the basics of filming and colour grading with Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Cam Op and Colourist Quan Luong! Throughout the day, the following topics will be covered and more:


• Iso/shutter/Iris/temp• Focal length• Camera movement• Composition/depth• Working with natural light• Front/fill/back light• Mixing temperature• Enhancing natural light• Filming different scenes hands-on assignment

Colour grading:

• Colouring basics• Working with the footage we shot• Working with LOG footage• Matching different cameras• LUTs

Quan Luong is a Vietnamese filmmaker living in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. His interest in filmmaking started at the young age of 12. After moving to Winnipeg, he decided to pursue a career in film and was mentored by local filmmakers like Markus Henkel, Ian Bawa, Brad Crawford, and many more. Currently, he works as a Cinematographer, Cam Op and Colourist on TV Shows, Commercials, Documentaries and Independent Films.

Assistance and accommodations are available to participants with different disabilities. Please call or email us for more information: