ᐊᖏᕐᕋᒧᑦ | RUOVTTU GUVLUI | Towards Home

Apr 01 - Mar 01

  • Admission: FREE

Towards Home is an Indigenous-led exhibition and publication project that explores how Inuit, Sámi, and other communities across the Circumpolar Arctic are creating self-determined spaces. Co-curated by Inuit, Sámi, and settler curators Joar Nango, Taqralik Partridge, Jocelyn Piirainen, and Rafico Ruiz, Towards Home examines issues of sovereignty and celebrates practices of designing and building on the land.

Caring for and living on the land is a way of being in the North. ᐊᖏᕐᕋᒧᑦ (angirramut) in Inuktitut or ruovttu guvlui in Sámi means “towards home.” To move towards home is to reflect on where Inuit and Sámi people find home, on what their connections to their land means, and on what those relationships could look like into the future. Spacemaking and placemaking have the potential to create meaningful and long-lasting connections between Indigenous architects and designers across homelands in the North and South. The co-curators acknowledge that the work of deepening architecture’s engagement with Indigenous designers and their communities needs to above all centre the knowledge and experiences of being at home on the land.

Visitors will discover a series of open and forward-looking questions, which explore what it means for Indigenous peoples to design with and be at home on the land: What could home become across Inuit Nunangat, Sápmi, and the North more generally when defined by Indigenous architects and designers? Where do homelands begin?